Puppy Socials

Bring your puppy to this fun play date where they will learn how to socialize and interact with other dogs and humans. Our trained staff will monitor play so puppies will learn how to positively interact with one another and learn doggie social cues. We separate the puppies into two groups, based on size and confidence level.  Our staff will point out appropriate play behaviors and interrupt non-appropriate behaviors. You can talk to other puppy owners about the rewards and challenges of puppyhood. As well as share useful training tips.

This event is designed for young pups, 10-24 weeks (6 months) old. Pups must begin attending prior to 20 weeks (5 months) of age.


Update, November 17, 2020:
The COVID status in Santa Clara County has moved back to Purple, which does not allow for in-person socials.  As a result, we will be unable to hold our Puppy Social on 11/21/20.  There are no planned Puppy Socials for 11/28/20, as well.   We hope to resume our events, in a drop-off format, beginning 12/5/20.  


When: Most Saturdays Mornings (Check the Calendar for Availability)

9:00 AM - 9:50AM - Small Breeds / Puppies under 10lbs

10:00AM - 10:50AM - Puppies 10 - 20lbs

11:15AM - 12:05PM - Puppies 20lbs and over

 Please note: Size ranges for each session are meant as guidelines.  We take into account several factors (Age, Breed, Confidence Level...) when determining which group a puppy will be assigned to.  


The fee for this event is $15

Watch the Dogs

Downtown Dogs maintains an 'Open Door' policy and encourages owners to check in on their dogs throughout the day. Please feel free to checkout the dogs, but we do ask that you not leave the cameras up, when not watching. The live video is bandwidth intensive and will slow down as more people watch.




Playroom Camera Hours:
Ruff City - 7AM-12PM & 2:30PM-7:00PM

Tiny Town - 7:15AM-12PM & 2:30-6:30PM

Dogsville - 7:45AM-12PM & 2:30PM-6PM


Playroom cameras are turned off during naptime

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