Daycare Facilities

Downtown Dogs is San Jose's largest dog daycare facility, with ample room for all our furry friends to eat, sleep and especially PLAY! Our facility was carefully designed to be a safe, fun and secure place for your dog. Our 8,000 square foot facility offers: 


  • Rubber matting to cushion play and ease joint strain
  • A fully climate controlled environment that manages both temperature and humidity levels along with UV/HEPA air purification systems to keep the air clean
  • Play Structures & Agility Equipment to jump on, crawl under, and run around
  • 3 play rooms to accommodate all of our client personalities

Small dog play room - (Tiny Town)

Energetic large dog room - (Ruff City)

Small/Medium Medium/Large playful dog room - (Dogsville)

  • Regular updates on dogs behavior, both verbal and written
  • Multiple web cameras in all our play areas, so human friends to can see our daily fun





Watch the Dogs

Downtown Dogs maintains an 'Open Door' policy and encourages owners to check in on their dogs throughout the day. Please feel free to checkout the dogs, but we do ask that you not leave the cameras up, when not watching. The live video is bandwidth intensive and will slow down as more people watch.




Playroom Camera Hours:
Ruff City - 7AM-12PM & 2:30PM-7:00PM

Tiny Town - 7:15AM-12PM & 2:30-6:30PM

Dogsville - 7:45AM-12PM & 2:30PM-6PM


Playroom cameras are turned off during naptime

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